Competitive Intelligence

Analysis of competitors' market offer
Profiling of industry competitors
Targeted assessment on competitors' commercial tactics
Trade show and event intelligence

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Case studies

Case 1


The core objective of this project was to provide our client with a clear understanding of the future strategy of one of its top competitors in the UK mobile operators business segment, through a structured and classical four corners analysis (understanding of competitor drivers, current strategy, capabilities and crucially deeply held market assumptions).

The B2B market represents a very dynamic and profitable segment in the UK that is traditionally little understood from a competitor point of view. Whilst operator strategies are more transparent in the B2C arena, developments in the B2B space have traditionally remained less clear and more complex to analyze.


Our targeted research effort allowed for a unique understanding of competitor views in regards to what is driving them in the segment and their market segment assumptions, perceived satisfaction with current performance and positioning and crucially the focus areas for the future (e.g., Network, brand pedigree, distribution reach, handset range, managed services capability, value for money pricing, service models etc.).


After an initial scan of available insights in the secondary domain, we focused our conducting interviews across a wide range of sources from regulators, partners, suppliers, key clients and crucially senior former and current competitor employees.

Case 2


Our Client, a third party logistic provider (3PL) was interested in defining a product return service in support of e-commerce players.


Outcome was a client support activity able to provide inputs for the strategic definition of the business model of the return service in terms of markets, trends, challenges, required investments, commercial proposal, positioning and value proposition as main elements.


We worked on a competitive analysis with the intent of profiling players currently with profitable product return service currently offered

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